Synergy Media Recent Projects Designed and Managed by Steve Salis

IWCF Certification--  Blowout Prevention & Well Control

An e-Learning course produced by Atlantic Richfield and Changent Systems for Well Control School, New Orleans.

Steve acted as Project Manager for this $700,000 project he was directly responsible for Gathering Customer Requirements, Instructional Design, Content and Question Writing, Media Production Team Supervision, Software Development Team Supervision, Testing and Delivery.  

The course educates and tests the user's ability to drill and control an oil rig according to International Well Control Forum (IWCF) standards.  The project is web browser based (thought the user never knows it), can be distributed on a hard drive and is designed for PCs.  Project has over 16,000 files including several thousand media files of many types that combined result in about 20 hours of content including 13 photo-realistic simulations that teach and test a users ability to detect and react to abnormal situations, 20 Interactive math worksheets each requiring over 100 entries, 6 courses and testing levels and several thousand questions.  

Course Selection Screen

Description: This course is designed for experienced personnel.  It is essentially a huge question database.  4 questions each were written to cover each of the 1400+ required skills.  A user can opt to answer one question for each skill, or he can select to take a practice exam that is similar in length and content to an actual IWCF exam.  When a question is missed, a multimedia presentation explains how the question should be answered. 

Click here to view a SHORT VIDEO DEMO of this course.

This 2 minute video includes a short intro video, a few questions including remediation after a missed question.  Requires real player.

This SHORT VIDEO features a few media rich test questions.  User responses are reported to an LMS that tracks the score, skill associated with  the question, RCO, times attempted.

This course includes about 150 math calculations.  Graphics highlights move from place to place as the narrator explains how to perform the calculation and when it should be used.
Typical parts Identification question.
An example of a multiple choice,multiple answer question.
The dark area to right is the "Question Navigation" control.  

This collapsible tool can be expanded at any time to allow a user to skip or return to a question.  A color coding system indicates whether the question has been answered correctly, or not, and if it has be seen.

Simple True False question.
10 simple simulations are included in this course.  This simulation tests a user's ability to determine which valves are to be opened and closed for a particular task.

Users are also required to respond to changes on the control panel on the upper left by choosing responses that appear.

This is one of 10 Bullhead Simulations.

An on screen tutor appears in the window to set the scene.  The window is also used to display simulated crew feedback.


Click here to see a few minutes of this content in action.